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Great Workshops!!

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Hey there everyone!

Wow, those workshops were great! They really motivated me to do more in open source art projects. I have also valued the connections I made with the others doing and hosting the workshops.

It would be great to have some ongoing affiliation with the workshop members and use the open source network to create greater dissemination and knowledge transfer. I have a number of opportunities available for Still Open members that I would like to offer, and am interested in hearing what opportunities others could offer me.

  • I am the events curator at Loop (23 Meyers Place, Melbourne). It is a new media space and bar. I would love to hear from anyone from Still Open if they would like to show work there.
  • I am the administrator for, an open sourced community of artists who collaborate, network and present process work online. Feel free to get involved in any way. I am also interested in developing the site with others if they are interested.
  • Also, I would like to have ongoing discussions about still open on this blog and perhaps setup a mailing list… I am not sure if thats something Sasha wants to do??

My email address is: polyopticon AT and Networked Societies

Monday, August 13th, 2007

I have big plans about scraping the depths of your brains regarding two projects. Both are in various stages of development. is an online community (began 1 year ago) of artists who use forums, blogs, chatting and profiles to network their practices. The other proto-project has the working title of The Art Research Network. A digital face for an even larger idea (funding pending) that would establish a physical place for a ‘Digital Center for the Arts’ in the Melbourne CBD that offers digital facilities, training, resources and opportunities. Both these projects are bound by open source ideals of freedom of information, community and distributed mass collaboration and can only be practically implemented with open sourced software.

I am interested in the intersection of art, software, science and technology and look forward to the workshop with great interest.